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Full-service Design

A personalized and high-touch service for kitchen remodels. We provide a comprehensive and attentive approach to assisting you throughout the entire kitchen design process. This includes services such as personalized design consultations, project management, sourcing materials and products, coordinating with contractors, and ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for you. We cater to the specific needs and preferences of each client, so your remodel journey is stress-free and enjoyable!

The process

Step 1 - Getting to know you

We start off with a consultation in your home. At this meeting we will understand your vision for the space. We will also discuss your style, preferences, lifestyle etc. This will also be a great time to discuss timelines, structural changes, budgets and goals. Post this meeting we will schedule time to come back and take measurements to get the next part of the process rolling.

CONTRACT 8.26.19 - Kitchen Persp 1.jpg
Inset bar in deep chocolate to match the

Step 2 - Design Phase

After the field measure we actually get down to the initial drawings to see the potential of the space. At this point you are welcome to share your ideas and color choices for the space. This phase usually takes a few weeks with revisions and choosing of cabinet styles, countertop and other selections. Once we finalize the design & plans, we schedule a walk-through with the contractors to get a feel for the structural and mechanical changes that might occur. We will also ensure that we have the right documents that will be required for acquiring the appropriate permits should one be required.

Step 3 - Orders & Installation

Now that your contract is signed we can move forward with placing orders for cabinets & other items needed for install, scheduling the jobs and tracking everything. Typically cabinets get ordered first as the lead times vary with the complexity of the job. We will schedule a meeting with you to review the job schedule, what to expect during the remodel and other housekeeping topics that will make your life smoother during this period.

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Ready to start your project?

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